G20 Repository of Digital Policies

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G20 Digital Economy Task Force



The Digital Economy Task Force (DETF) was established under the 2017 German presidency based on the decision adopted in Hangzhou in 2016 under the Chinese presidency. In Antalya, under the Turkish presidency in 2015, G20 leaders recognized the modern period as a critical era of digital transformation, influenced by the advent of new technologies as key elements for economic development.

The digital economy refers to a broad range of activities, which include the use of knowledge and information as factors in production, information networks as a platform for action and how the information and communication technology (ICT) sector spurs economic growth.

Under the Argentinean Presidency, the Digital Economy Task Force has agreed on the Salta Declaration and elaborated the following policy tools:

Bridging the Digital Gender Divide - Delivering impact

Is a compilation of policies and initiatives carried out in G20 countries aiming at reducing the digital gender gap. From this compilation of cases, 9 high-level recommendations are withdrawn. Do you want to read more? Download the full report here.

Accelerating Digital Infrastructure for Development

Consists of a series of recommendations to achieve universal, accessible and affordable connectivity, highlighting the role that connectivity plays in economic growth and inclusion.

G20 Digital Government Principles

Are high-level principles that seek to guide the actions of policymakers committed to the modernization of public administration.

G20 Toolkit for Measuring the Digital Economy

Summarizes the different methodological approaches and indicators used to monitor digital transformation while identifying measurement gaps and challenges faced by both the G20 countries and international organizations involved in the measurement of the digital economy. Full report coming soon.